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With our powerful Mobile Video SDKs & Cloud Platform, we've simplified the process of gathering, analysing and processing video.

From HD streaming to videos with a temporary time-to-live to facial, location & keyword detection, you choose which services you need. Perfect for your mobile, user-generated videos.

Video Streaming & Transcoding

Convert your customer's videos to high performance, adaptive-bitrate video streams. Make buffering a thing of the past. Content is delivered over a world class CDN infrastructure. Best of all, it is designed and tested for mobile.

Animated GIFs, Images & Thumbnails

Everybody loves a good Animated GIF. Convert videos to animations, we know your cat will love it (and Product Hunt will too!). Extract images and thumbnails for your user content in multiple resolutions. We'll host and deliver this content so you don't need to.

Distributed, Scalable Infrastructure

One to one million videos, our infrastructure scales horizontally. Built on the same platform as Snapchat and Google, we've designed the Storie Cloud to grow with your needs, regardless of the scale.

Safe Search & Explicit Content Detection

Managing user-generated content has become much simpler. Get notified of explicit content when it has been uploaded. (This feature is coming soon).

Flexible Integration

Configure and customize how you want to use the Storie Cloud from our Developer Console. Our tech team is standing by to help simplify your implementation. Think of us as your own mobile video development department.

Time-to-Live & Emphemerality

Snapchat started it, Instagram & Facebook copied it and we've added it too. Configure how long you want your user-content to last on our servers.

Powerful Video Analysis Tools

Understand the 'what' when it comes to your data

We are integrating our platform with some amazing video analysis APIs. Extract location, keyword and trademark data from videos. Use the data to improve your own seach index or gain key insights from your content.

You choose the features you need


Integrate Storie Cloud with your project in minutes


99.99% uptime, built on Google's Cloud Infrastructure


Designed and tested on mobile


An extensive array of all the tools you may need.


1 to 1 000 000 videos, we scale. Period.

What platforms are supported?

Our developer API is accessible for most platforms. We've also released our first mobile SDK for iOS & our Android SDK will be available in the fall of 2016.

What does all this cost?

For now, nothing! Storie Cloud is currently free while it is still in beta development.

What else do you want to know?

Our aim is to develop the best experience for you and your customers

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