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final func upload(fileURL: NSURL) {
    let storiePlatform = try? StoriePlatform(apiKey: "lclrdukrb4jn7t8whckpxn47ahsarr")
                           userInfo: ["storyID" : "12345566"],
                           callbackData: [:],
                           serviceName: "streaming") { [weak self] success in
        do {
            try success()
        } catch let error {
            print("Error uploading file: \(error)")

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Our infrastructure is modular... so even though we cater for a wide variety of video use-cases—from transcoding to face detection— you select and configure what you need. That makes it affordable, since we will only bill you for the features and storage that you use. Right now, Storie is free while it is still in beta development.

From 1 to 100,000 videos, our system was designed from the ground up to scale with your needs.

Working with mobile video used to be complicated
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